Leribe Craft Centre and Katse Dam

We went to the Leribe Craft Centre and a lady gave us a tour. They sell blankets, wall hangings, scarves and things made from mohair wool.  The lady showed us where they comb the raw mohair and spin it in to wool.  The spinning wheels were all made from bicycle wheels! We also saw lots of looms where they make the blankets and scarves.  It is all done by hand. We also saw where they wash and dye the wool.

Then we drove to the Katse village. We went over the Mafika Lisiu Pass. But the taniwha got too hot, so we had to stop and let it cool down. There were lots of people walking on the road. Some had sheep/goats/cows or donkeys.  Some women carried big sacks on their heads! There was lots of fields of maize, which is a bit like corn. In lots of places there were pretty pink and white flowers, that are called cosmos.

The Katse dam was huge, it goes over a big canyon with a small river on one side and a big lake on the other.

Then we drove to Maseru, the capital of Lesotho.

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  1. Gosh Eleanor. I wonder if you have tried walking with something large on your head? Those sacks of maize looked really heavy! What an I treating trip you are having.


  2. Interesting time- sorry didn’t check before posting!


  3. I like the cosmos flowers. Is it warm there?


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