Mesosaurus Fossils

We went to a farm to see some mesosaurus fossils.  A mesosaurus is a creature that lived before the dinosaurs.  It lived in the swamps. It looked a bit like a crocodile. The farmer’s son found the first fossil, but they are not allowed to open any more, in case they damage them.  You can see the bones of the ribs, tail and feet. The head has disappeared. There was also fossilised poo called copralite!

He also showed us some very cool rocks, called dolerite rocks. They were formed when the magma from a volcano bubbled up through the soft clay, but didn’t reach the surface. They are covered in desert varnish which is manganese dioxide. It is black and very hard. It makes the rocks ring. He played us a tune…. See the video!!

We also learnt about quiver trees. They are called quiver trees because the bushmen hollowed out the branches to make a case for their arrows.  This is called a quiver! It is actually an aloe – like the national flower of Lesotho!

I saw a massive bird’s nest in a tree!


It was very interesting.

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  1. When you say Aloe trees do you mean it is like Aloe Vera?


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