Eleanor’s Birthday

It was my birthday in Namiba.

First I opened my presents. I got a flamingo toy, coloured clay mix, a Heidi book, some Elena of Avalor figurines.  Genevieve gave me a pillow case and pink thread so I can sew a flamingo on it!

For breakfast Daddy made pikelets and bacon.  It was delicious.


Then we drove to Ludertitz, which is on the coast. We could see the Atlantic Ocean!

For lunch we drove to Diaz Point. On the way we found flamingos!! Mummy and Daddy made wraps and I ate mine with bacon. But there were lots of flys. Daddy put a special mesh hat on Genevieve. We walked up to a viewpoint with a cross, and we could see seals playing in the water. Daddy and Genevieve licked some salt off the rocks.

At our campsite we played on the big rocks. It was fun.

For dinner we had nachos. It was tasty.  Daddy also made a banana cake. It tasted excellent but it wasn’t solid enough to put candles on.

Then I wanted a movie night, so we watched ‘How to Train Your Dragon 1’.

It was the best birthday ever.





Categories: Eleanor, Roaming


  1. Happy Birthday Eleanor!! What a cool birthday you had!


  2. What a fabulous birthday! We loved talking to you via Skype. Just wish we could have given you a present. Xxxx


  3. Wow what a great birthday!! You saw your favorite animals and got lots of presents and yummy food.


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