Ghost Town!

Today was a fun day. First we went to a ghost town called Kolmanskop. This used to be a real town, but now the desert is reclaiming it. Lots of the rooms were filled with sand. The town was there because of diamonds. We learnt about diamond smuggling. One person tried to hide diamonds in his shoes. One person fired diamonds out of the area with a cross bow. Some people put diamonds on homing pigeons. But this wasn’t so good because the diamonds were heavy and made the birds tired, so they didn’t fly all the way home.

After this we went to Agate Beach for lunch. We did a big walk along the beach and found lots of pretty stones. We think some of them are agates. An agate is a semi-precious stone. They look pretty when they are polished.

After this we drove back to Aus and we saw horses on the Garub Pan.

We stayed at a nice campsite and saw lots of stars. I can recognise Orion’s Belt and the Southern Cross, with pointers. I could also see the Milky Way. There were so many stars!


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  1. That town looked a lot of fun. It is like a gigantic sand box!


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