Sand Dunes

We drove to Sesriem. This is where the big sand dunes are.  On the way we saw lots of animals, but we didn’t get great photos…

We saw lots of sand dunes. We climbed one called Dune 45. Every step I took it felt like I was sinking in the sand. We saw lots of bugs and it was fun watching them walk around. They left tracks all over the dune.

Then we drove to Big Daddy. To get to it we had to go on a sandy road and the Taniwha almost got stuck.  But Daddy aired the tyres down and we kept going.

The next morning we got up really early to get to the dunes before sunrise. Daddy fell over and hurt his knee.  I climbed the dune all by myself! (Mummy had gone ahead to get photos of the sunrise).

I had to tip sand out of my shoes!



Categories: Eleanor, Roaming


  1. These photos of the sand dunes are amazing!!! Lucky you. Great write-up Eleanor. Xxx


  2. That is a big sand dune. I wonder how much sand makes up one sand dune?


  3. Hi did you like the dunes? I would like to climb up one of those.


  4. Hi did you like the dunes? I would like to climb up one of those. Did you get tired legs?


  5. I sat on the top of Dune 45 and watched the sun come up. Amazing place.

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