Van Zyl’s Pass (The worst road in the world)

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After Epupa we drove to Van Zyl’s Pass. This was a road that Daddy really wanted to do.  The first day was pretty fun. The road was very bumpy. There was one bit where we had to go up a hill and some boys who were looking after their goats ran up next to us asking for ‘sugar’. We stayed at a community campsite, which was very sandy. We made friends with Beth and John, who were going to do the pass too. They had a landcruiser. And there was a group of Germans with 3 hilux cars.

The next day we did the pass. The start of the pass was fine. We caught up to the Germans really quickly.  Mummy, Genevieve and I had to get out and walk a few times, because the road was going up and down and was very bumpy. The road wasn’t very good.

There was a good lookout, about 2km from the end. We could see over a big plain called the Marienfluss.

After the lookout the road went straight down! Genevieve and I had to walk down hill for 2km! The road was very steep, there were lots of holes and big rocks.  Daddy had to get out and look at the road before he drove it. The car went on a big angle and Mummy had to hang off the side. I would not call this a very good road. I wouldn’t have wanted to be in the car. It was better to walk!


Daddy did very well driving. I was glad when we all got to the bottom. Then we had lunch in the Marienfluss. Daddy had a cold beer.


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  1. I think Daddy deserved a keg for sriving that road!! I would have walked as well.


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