Epupa Falls

We drove north all the way to border with Angola. On the way the road had lots of big dips. at the bottom of one dip there was a big bang and we burst another air spring. But we had a spare and Daddy fixed it.

We stayed at a campsite with a big pool. It was fantastic, but the bottom was a bit slippery. There were some cool lizards with orange and yellow heads!

We went to the Falls. They were big, but we didn’t see any crocodiles!

We have also seen some baobab trees. They have massive trunks and look like they have roots where the branches should be. We tried to put our arms round it, but it was too big!

We did see lots of Himba ladies selling bead bracelets and wooden bowls. When we come back to Namibia we are going to go to a Himba village. The ladies don’t wear any tops, but have lots of necklaces. Their hair is plaited and looks like it is covered in orange mud, except for the ends which are black and tufty.

Categories: Eleanor, Roaming


  1. I think I read about Baobab trees in the little prince. It is nice you are living in luxury over there with a swimming pool in the camp site!


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