The Skeleton Coast

*** Delayed Post – internet is not always available in Namibia ***

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After Swakopmund we drove north, and went up the Skeleton Coast. It is called this because there are lots of skeletons, animals and ships.

There were lots of shipwrecks marked on our map, but most of them have disappeared. There was one ship that we saw that was still obviously a ship. It was wrecked in 2008, and was called the Zeila. It was a fishing boat.


Some of the shipwrecks only had a few bits of metal left. On one you could see the engine.

We got stuck in the sand and Mummy and Daddy had to do some digging. We also saw some wild african dogs. There were lots of animal tracks.  We thought they might have been made by hyena, jackals and wild dogs!


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  1. These pictures are really beautiful.


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