Baby Animals in Nairobi

Yesterday we drove to an elephant orphanage. They have 15 baby elephants. They were really cute. The elephants came to an area and some people fed them milk from massive milk bottles. Then the elephants played. Some picked up big branches and others rolled in the mud. One tried to climb on top of another. The elephants were really wrinkly and I could touch one. It felt hard and prickly. It had little black hairs on its back. The elephants have come from all over east Africa. It is sad because their Mummies have died, lots of them were taken by poachers for their ivory. One elephant had a hole in its trunk where it was caught in a snare. When it drank water you could see it come out of the hole. Some of the elephants had fallen down old water wells.

We also drove to a giraffe orphanage. They have 12 Rothschild giraffes, and they are endangered. We learnt that there are three different types of giraffe in Kenya. The Masai, The Rothschild and the Reticulated giraffe. We got to feed the giraffes, they have a really long sticky tongue! I was a bit scared but I eventually did it.

The Rothschild giraffe has spots only down to its knees, then it is white coloured. Also the spots can have some black in them. The Reticulated giraffe looks similar, but no black and the spots go all the way down the legs.

The Masai giraffe is the most common in Kenya. It has a spikey spot pattern. We saw lots outside the Masai Mara.


For dinner we went to a big restaurant called Carnivore. It was really good. At the entrance was a big charcoal BBQ pit. Lots of meat was cooking on big Masai Swords. We had hot plates and the waiters came round and gave us whatever meat we wanted. There was lots of duck, turkey, steak, chicken, and pork. I also tried ostrich and crocodile! My favourite was the ostrich. When you had had enough to eat you lowered the white flag, which means you surrender. For pudding I had pineapple pie.

I was very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very full.




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  1. Eleanor – what a special time at the elephant orphanage! I remember Auntie Moni visiting this place nearly 20 years ago and she loved it too. Good on you trying ostrich and crocodile….xxxx


  2. Did the ostrich taste like chicken and what did daddy eat? I bet he loved it.


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