Going to Nairobi

After the Serengeti we drove to Lake Victoria. We stayed at a fun campsite that had lots of really big rocks on the lakefront to climb on. There were lots of rock hyrax, and a naughty vervet monkey jumped on the Taniwha!

Then we went to Kenya. The border crossing was ok, but they wanted to scan our clothes boxes when we left Tanzania. That was a bit weird!

In Kenya we found a good supermarket but when we came out we couldn’t close the door of the car!!!! Daddy had to tie it closed with a ratchet strap!!

car ratchet

We stayed at a camp above the Masai Mara. There were lots of zebra and giraffe there. We saw lots of animals on the plains.

Can you see the funny looking cow?


Then we drove to Nairobi. Daddy was worried about the door falling off when we were on the dirt road. But then we got to tarmac and it was better. We drove through the great rift valley. It is about 50km wide – that is 10 park runs! It is where the african plate is breaking apart 2mm every year. There were lots and lots of trucks climbing the hill out of the valley.

We are now staying at Jungle Junction in Nairobi. It is a campsite where lots of overlanders go – but at the moment we are the only ones here! There are friendly dogs though.

There is internet, so if you would like to Skype me, then tell your parents to talk to my parents.


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  1. The Taniwha is looking well covered in stickers now. How did your big clean out go?


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