Barefoot Beach

After Ethiopia we went back to Jungle Junction in Nairobi. Then we wanted to go to the beach. We went on a really bad road to Mombasa, it was bad because there were lots of slow trucks to pass.  We stayed one night near Voi. It had a really nice swimming pool.

Then we got to the coast, near Kikambala. We camped in a big garden with lots of flowers. I decorated Genevieve and made her into an African Princess. We tried to go to the beach but the tide was out.  I stood on some sharp coral.We found a nice warm pool to swim in, but there was a man who didn’t go away. So we went back to the camp and swam in the swimming pool.

g hair

Then we drove to the Gede Ruins. They are Swahili Ruins that were abandoned 300 years ago, and now trees are growing over the stones. There were some tombs and a palace. All the rooms were named after things that were found in them, like: the house of the scissors, the house of the iron lamp, the house of the Venetian bead. All of the things were in a museum. There was also a humback whale skeleton.

Mummy was looking for a Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew, but we only saw some Sykes Monkeys.

Then we drove to Barefoot Beach Camp. We camped right on the sand! Because we were really hungry we went to the bar for lunch. Vivi and I had a plate of chips and tried some of Mummy’s prawns and Daddy’s squid. I preferred the squid. We went for a quick and lovely swim in the Indian Ocean and Daddy threw some sea weed at me!!!!

We liked it so much we stayed for three nights. In the morning Mummy went for a run along the beach, but a dog kept on trying to bite her. We all made a fortress on the sand, but the water demolished it. We had lots of swims. Daddy taught me to bob over the waves. It was fun, except when I got clobbered by a big breaker! The sand was very sparkly, from the mica in it. We were told that some Italian tourists came a long time ago and took a truck load of sand, because they thought it was gold.

One night we had dinner there. For dinner I got to make my own pizza!! I put bacon, pineapple and cheese on it. It was very tasty, even better than the pizza in Venice!



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  1. I went to the beach in San Diego and it sparkled as well. I never knew what it was until you just mentioned it in your blog. You look like you have had a fun time at the beach.


  2. Gosh Eleanor, I bet you didnt want to leave Barefoot Beach! Looks heavenly. Was the water really warm?


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