Rwanda is a very small country, but it is very hilly.  It was also very clean, we even saw people sweeping the main road.  On our first day we stayed at a campsite with weird puppets in the trees. But what we really liked was that it had a table tennis table. It was fun. There were also 2 dogs that we fed some sausages. But it made the puppy run round like crazy.

We also could try some basket weaving. It was fun, you had to wrap some plastic, (or specially dyed sisal) around a special grass. After a while the needle hurt my fingers. We bought a bowl, but we aren’t sure if we can take it back to New Zealand.

The next day we drove to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. We went to a supermarket there. The cars were crazy on the road. And there were lots of bicycles. We went to the Genocide Memorial Museum. Mummy and Daddy took turns to go in. 25 years ago the Hutu tribe tried to kill all of the Tutsi tribe. A lot of people were killed.

After Kigali we went to Lake Kivu. It was really pretty, but I nearly fell in the lake. We had dinner there, and I had pizza!

Then we drove through the Nyungwe Forest Park. There were lots of soldiers standing at the side. We saw a few monkeys. Then we stayed at an ecocentre. I liked the hammock with the view over the tea plantation and the valley.

Then we drove to Tanzania.




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  1. Those baskets are really pretty. Did you finish one?


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