Driving Tanzania AGAIN

When we left Rwanda, we went to Tanzania again. The road after the Tanzaniza border was horrendous. It was full of potholes and trucks. It was as bad as the Zambian roads! There were lots of judder bars which Daddy did NOT like. We didn’t see one judder bar, because we were following a truck and there was a lot of dust. Then the Taniwha got airborne! We stayed that night in a car park of a motel. There were lots of kids looking at us, one threw his ball at us. It was made of smushed up plastic bags and string.

Tanzania is really big, so we had a long driving day. We did a wild camp and there were hundreds of flies. Daddy made a big fire.

Then we drove to Lake Shore Lodge, on the edge of Lake Tanganyika. But on the was Daddy said the car was being a bit funny. Then when we were really close to the camp Daddy discovered that the chassis was broken. The chassis is the bones of the landrover. Breaking it is really BAD!!

But, Lake Shore Lodge is the best campsite in the world. We stayed three night. They had a workshop, so Daddy could fix the car. We went swimming in the lake and the best thing was going kayaking. When we went kayaking we saw a kingfisher catching fish. I shared a boat with Daddy and even had a go at paddling. It was fun!

I also have been busy sewing my birthday pillowcase from Genevieve. I think it looks good!

Then we had another long driving day, back to the coffee farm. We had a yummy dinner there. Next we are off to a new country: Malawi.

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  1. What a dusty looking road, I almost didn’t recognise daddy in that picture. It is a good thing you had the sea to cool off in.


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