Namibia with the Searles

We have had the most exciting week, because our friends from England came to visit us! The Searles are: Andy, Cecile, Alex and Lorien. They hired a car with 2 roof top tents! We met them in Urban Camp.


They came with lots of presents – it was like Christmas! Cecile gave me a book with Greek Myths in it. It is really good. My favourite story is about Persephone. We also got books from Pauline, and lots of stuff from Jenny so thank you to them too.  And Daddy got lots of car parts.

The first night we went to Joe’s Beer House. There are lots of antelope horns on the walls and things to look at. I had a chicken schnitzel. Andy had a kebab with lots of different meats on it, like Kudu/Zebra/Oryx/Springbok!

The next day we drove to a small game reserve called Omatozu, but we didn’t see any game at all. We went swimming though the pool was very cold.

The next day we drove to the cheetah conservation fund. First we watched a short video about cheetahs. Then we did a tour to see them. It was hot so the cheetahs were lying under the trees. They were really close. When we got to the last enclosure one of the cheetahs got up and came closer. It looked like it was checking Vivi and Lolly out to eat! We also saw the dogs that they give to farmers to protect their goats, so that the farmers don’t kill cheetahs. I think cheetahs are beautiful.

After the cheetah place we stayed at a vineyard. We learnt how to play Dobble, and did lots of crafty stuff that Cecile had brought with her. We had a camp fire and played charades. It was a lot of fun. Alex was the best at acting.

The next day we went to Etosha. Alex had a walkie talkie and he would call us if they saw an animal. We saw lots of antelope, giraffes, elephants and rhino! That night we stayed at the watering hole and saw lots of jackals, a hyena and a porcupine.

The next day we went to Base Camp. We did a ballot and watched a movie: Muppets Treasure Island. Vivi got a thorn splinter in her foot.

The next day we went to a distillery and Cecile and Andy tried some gin. I just played in the playground with Vivi and Lolly. Then we went to my favourite shop with lots of carvings and scupltures. I thought Cecile should buy a toilet seat with a rhino on it!

Then we went to a new part of Namibia and saw some San Bushmen. We saw the man make rope by twisting it on his leg. He then made a fire with sticks. Last we saw some ladies making ostrich shell necklaces. Lolly bought a beautiful necklace.  We did a walk among some big boulders and went right up to the top! It was a good view. We were watched by some baboons. Then we had a wild camp, though it wasn’t completely wild as there was a toilet!

The next day we did another walk up a hill and saw some old rock paintings. There was a giraffe, an elephant and lots of people. They were the best we have seen in Africa.

Then we drove to Swakopmund. We went to the aquarium. It was small but my favourite was the stingray. We were also there when they were feeding the fish – they went crazy! Then we went to a snake park. They snakes were really sparkly! There was also a chameleon which had googly eyes and only 2 toes. The best was a big tortoise that was walking around. It snuck up on Genevieve and gave her a fright!

Then we drove to Walvis Bay, and had a dinner at the camp. We were right next to the playground and it was lots of fun. In the morning, Daddy, Cecile, Mummy and Vivi all did parkrun. The rest of us met them at the end and saw all the flamingos. Vivi did her fastest parkrun ever!

Then we did a big road to Harmonie Camp. We had to go up a big hill to get there. At the top was an outdoor toilet! At Harmonie Camp we went swimming and had a dancing competition. Though I am not sure who won!

After that we drove back to Urban Camp and did some more swimming. It was so much fun to see them, it was really sad when they had to go.



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  1. Eleanor – what a fabulous time you had with the Searles! You guys were so busy and saw so many different animals. Congratulations to Vivi for her fastest ever park run. XXx


  2. Hi Eleanor

    Jenna speaking I love your post I miss you so so so much . It’s getting cold over here, I helpt my dad clean all the leaves from the garden today. Hope you are having lots fun! Love, Jenna xxx💕


  3. That sounds like a really nice trip. Dobble sounds like fun.


  4. Dear Eleanor, it was our best holiday ever! I will never forget the giggles in the back seat from Snorthog, Jellynor, Sputnik & Chan; the cold beers and the scorching heat; the wildlife (big & small); campfires and long drops; and endless fences along empty roads. The scenery was out of this world. I hope we get to join you all on another adventure soon it was wonderful, thank you! Lots of love Cecile.


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