Lone Men

We went back to Kaokoland to see if we could find some more lone men. The last time we saw 2. We didn’t do Van Zyls Pass again, but we did another pass called Jouberts. The road was better and only had one bumpy bit. Then we passed the Red Drum, and through the Marienfluss to Camp Syncro. We were very disappointed as we didn’t see any men at all.

At Camp Syncro we met two ladies who work for the Giraffe Conservation Fund. One of the ladies came from New Zealand! They travel around taking photos of the giraffes and recording where they are. They showed us a folder of lots of giraffe photos. My favourite giraffe was one called Supergirl because she has a spot that looks like the superman logo! The giraffes here are paler in colour than the giraffes we saw up north and their horns are smaller. It was very interesting. They gave us a sticker for our car – did you know there is a world giraffe day on the 21st June?

When we left the camp we found our first stone man. He was sitting in the shade of a tree and had a stick. It was very hard to spot.


Then we drove through the Marienfluss again. We took some more pictures of the fairy circles.

Then we drove over what Daddy called a cheeky little pass into Hartmann’s valley. We saw some Hartmann’s Zebra. They look different to other zebra because they have white tummies, instead of stripes and have a wobbly bit under their chin. They are very rare. We had to cross a little pass and it was a bit bumpy but the Taniwha was ok.


We passed by Blue Drum and Orange Drum.  Then in a dry river bed I saw another stone man. This one was standing up and was hidden by a big rock!

Then we did a sandy loop. We saw lots of springbok and gemsbok. We lost the track and it was hard to find. The sand got really deep. Then, disaster, the engine coolant alarm came on. When Daddy looked he discovered the car was broken again. We pulled off the road and Daddy fixed it with some steel and a ratchet strap. It was late so we camped there. Genevieve and I made our own stone man!

The next day we started back to Windhoek so that we could get some more car parts. Then we saw three stone men! Two of them were sitting down looking over the road. Then Mummy saw one hanging off a rock. That was my favourite one!

Now we are in Windhoek, staying at our favourite camp: Urban Camp. We have been swimming and we watched New Zealand beat Ireland in the rugby. Last night we had a big BBQ with some of our friends. It was very tasty.






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  1. Wow, I love the stone men. Who do you think makes them? Are they in the same area or spread out? Love Jonny


  2. The good thing about breaking down is that you saw more stone men and got to make your own! Those giraffes were really pale. It is interesting that they are all different.


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