Namibia Again

We went back to Namibia and went to another National Park called Mudumu. We saw lots of elephants, antelope, zebra, warthogs and giraffes. We camped next to the Cuando river and had a yummy stirfry dinner. There were lots of noisy baboons in the tree.

Then we went back to a campsite that we had stayed at before next to the Okavango River. We had to have our Bilharzia tablets. We had them just before bed. When Daddy woke up in the morning he felt a bit wobbly but the rest of us were fine.


Then we drove across the top of Namibia. It wasa a boring straight road, with lots of people on it. We had another slow leak in the tyre and Daddy had to keep stopping to fill it up with air. We stayed at Fantasia Lodge and it rained and rained all night! Then we stayed at a community camp and Vivi and I made a bow and arrow and throwing sticks.

e fight

After that we went back into Kaokoland. We drove along the border between Namibia and Angola. We stopped at the Dorsland Memorial for people who moved out of Angola into Namibia.


Then we went to visit a school at Ehomba. The school had 350 students and some of the children board there. Some of the children have to walk 20km just to get there! We saw their bedroom with lots of bunk beds. Some of the beds didn’t have mattresses, just a blanket. There were goats walking round the school too! We went into a classroom and had a photo with the children. They kept touching my hair. We gave them a netball for their sports tournament.

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  1. That is nice you gave them a netball. The silver ferns are doing really well and won the tournament against oz!!


  2. Emma and Katie (GCF) love their new giraffe mascot you gave them. Em is my lovely daughter.


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