**Delayed posting 7/12/18**

Today we took a bus into Lisbon. We went into the centre of town where there was a huge christmas tree in a square.

First we went to a Fado museum. We didn’t go in, but we listened to the music. There was lots of guitar and singing. I liked it.

Then we walked up a big hill to the Castelo de Sao Jorge, but it was closed. So we went and had ice cream, then we had yummy wraps for lunch. When the castle opened we walked around the walls and looked at the view over Lisbon.  It is a really big city. There were lots of canons. (The camera obscura was not available unfortunately, due to the delayed opening)

Then we got a bus to Belem and the Moisteiro dos Jeronimos. The church had lots and lots of carvings in the stone. There was an interesting room with a timeline of the world at the same time as what was happening at the monastary. The monastary was built before New Zealand was even found by Abel Tasman or Captain Cook!

We spent lots of time looking at the different tiles on the buildings. They use tiles to reflect the light because it gets so hot in summer. We took lots of photos of them. Some are repeated patterns, but I liked the ones with pictures.

Then we drove to Sagres, The most south western point of Europe. We played on the beach and chased some waves. I found some pretty shells.

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  1. Hi Eleanor, I’ve been enjoying reading along on your adventures! Your Uncle Vernon will be very jealous of you seeing all those cannons, he likes things that go bang, and if they are either dangerous or old that’s even better. Great photos too. I paticulary enjoyed the fox-person tiles.


  2. Hey Eleanor! I also liked the fox tile. It looks like fantastic mr fox!!! It looks nice and warm in Portugal like it is here in NZ! Love Aunty Cat.


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