The Knights Templar

**Delayed posting 6/12/18**

Today we drove to Lisbon. On the way we stopped at a Knights Templar monastary called Convento de Christo. It was on a big hill and it was huge. First we walked around the walls. There were big orange trees and Daddy stole 2 oranges. And we took some bay leaves for having with spaghetti bolognaise.

Then we went inside the ruins. Inside there was a 16 sided church with lots of paintings of stories from the bible. We could also see where the knights slept and ate. There were lots of carvings on the walls.

The knights templar were monks who fought with a sword, they had a symbol of a red cross on a white background. The knights templar order was very rich, even though the knights had taken vows of poverty. A lot went to fight in the crusades.

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  1. That church looks really nice. Did you see any knights? 🤪


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