Monkeys in Cedar Forest

Today we did some offroad driving and got stuck in some mud!  But Daddy locked the diffs and got us out.  It was a bit scary. There is now mud all over the Taniwha.

Then we drove to Cedar Forest to see if we could find some Barbary macaques, (monkeys). There were lots of men in the carpark who were offering peanuts to feed the monkeys and horse rides and photos with their horses.  We said no thank you.  It is bad to feed the monkeys because then they don’t know how to feed themselves and they get fat.

We found some monkeys and watched them. The other tourists were very noisy, so we went for a walk in the forest. It was a bit cold but beautiful.  We turned round when we were followed by a wild dog.

Then we did some more driving and found more monkeys on their own.  I liked watching the monkeys jump from tree to tree.

We also saw lots of stork nests.  In Lithuania we saw empty nests, but here the nests have storks in them!!  The storks are very noisy banging their beaks together.

Our campground has lots of good trees to climb!



Categories: Eleanor, Roaming

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  1. Wow the monkeys are beautiful. You are so lucky that you got to see wild monkeys. Good on you for not feeding them and getting them fat!


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