Van Zyl’s Pass Video

Hi all – as you may have already read, Eleanor wasn’t a huge fan of Van Zyl’s Pass in Kaokoland.  I was.  🙂  See video below for a taster of what it’s like.  Roofrack mounted camera doesn’t really do it justice, but you can see the horizon lurch around somewhat.  I had Margaret hanging off the tree sliders twice (I seriously thought we were about to roll on 2 occasions – felt the car start to go, corected by steering into it in conjunction with Margaret hanging off like a yachtie, unfortunately neither of the close calls are in the video).

Categories: Man vs Land Rover, Roaming


  1. I would have been very scared going over that pass! Well done Daddy. What an adventure. Xx


  2. I am glad we are hearing about this after you have survived!


  3. Not many miles covered that day then


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